Back again? What’s new?

What in the world does one say when one returns after having been away for awhile, working on other projects? I suppose there is the question of, ‘Why did you go away?’

But more importantly, I am asked, ‘Why did you come back?’ Well, I have enjoyed looking at the many things that matter in my life, hopefully giving you readers the idea of looking into your own lives for what matters.

There are so many areas of life and each of them contains things that matter. I feel I have been skimming the surface of what matters, and went away for a bit, to find a platform from which to say some of the deeper stuff that is on my mind.

I am building a different blog site that will contain different aspects of what I feel matters, and also to address things that I am bumping up against in my life at this stage of my journey – things that are demanding that I say something personally – whether they really matter is going to have to be left for further debate.

Okay, these few words are my hello. Just saying something is what matters.


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