Who? Me?

Hi. My name is Rich Orlesky and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Having kicked around this game of life for seven decades should mean I have lots of life experiences to use as ‘good advice’…you’d think. However…

Not only am I no expert on anything, most of what I’ve learned has no relevance anymore. We could have some lively discussions about what I’ve observed, however. Most of that isn’t ‘the truth’ and a lot of it has certainly touched my heart and soul, so it’s continuing to be a great ride! Having co-authored my first book called ‘Authentic to the Core‘ with a friend of many years, I am more certain that the magic of our lives comes from remembering who we are.

I’ve raised 4 beautiful children, spent a couple marriages, am a grandpa of 9 and now, a great grandpa of two boys and a girl.
My years have been a bucket list of things I’ve been involved with…..

…….highway and power dam construction, chemical manufacturing, experiencing positions of Supervisor, Technician, Human Resources Mgr.
I’ve been trained in communication, team development, and other personal development work. The latest piece of work in which I’ve participated is an inquiry/retreat into discovering my passion and life gift. More later.

I have training in massage, shiatsu, qigong, Reiki, yoga and meditation. I love music, play keyboards, and keep fit with walking and lots of exercise. Wanting to express myself in the world requires stepping into the stream (Or is it stepping out!) but whichever, it works best with others who want to play!

Someone once said that the more diversified your experiences, the more valuable you are to your community. I certainly hope that continues to be my mantra.

Everything I write here comes from real life experiences as I walk this journey. There is no goal in it, except to unconceal what it is my soul wants to express, and to do that. That’s where real life blends into the wonder and the  magic of all we try so hard to deny.

When I get to any answers to my life, I’ll put them under scrutiny. A life lived with passion is a life lived with many missteps and failures, no answers, and mostly…many questions.

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